‘Frost risk audit’ – 5% discount offer – Fully understand your vineyard frost risk & mitigants

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UK Vineyards – Frost risk and mitigants audit

Following the significant frost events for many vineyards in the week of 11th May, we want to offer our help and support to as many vineyards across the sector to ensure vineyards have the right information and advice to be able to best mitigate for future events.

We believe the best way to do this is to offer our expertise by undertaking a ‘Frost Risk audit’ for affected or interested sites. As we have found in the UK and elsewhere over the years there is not a one-stop shop solution and vineyards need a tailored solution to their frost risk and mitigants. To provide this Vinescapes will provide an audit including a tailored report for the vineyard, including:

  • A visit by Dr Alistair Nesbitt, or one of the experienced Vinescapes team, to undertake a site risk assessment and analysis of past damage patterns.
  • Detailed frost event metrics and data detailing historical frost events and associated temperatures in the vineyard locality, together with cold air flow and accumulation risk zones mapping for clients.
  • A tailored frost risk audit report detailing the site specific recommendations to mitigate future frost events, including equipment recommendations, as required.

This service normally costs £800 + VAT (plus mileage) however we would like to offer Vineyards the opportunity to take up this service with a 5% discount. Offer available until 30th September, 2020.

Please email info@vinescapes.com or call us on 07967602670 for to book an audit or discuss further.

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