Frost risk audits

Avoiding costly crop losses

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frost risk audits

The anticipation of the new vintage is often tempered by the threat of spring frosts – potentially devastating yields and finances. Vineyards need tailored solutions as there is no ‘one size fits all’. The Vinescapes ‘Frost risk audit’ will provide:
  • A site risk assessment by Dr Alistair Nesbitt, or one of the experienced Vinescapes team members, and analysis of past damage patterns
  • A detailed frost event metrics and data detailing historical frost events and associated temperatures in the vineyard locality, together with cold air flow and accumulation risk zones mapping for clients
  • A tailored frost risk audit report detailing the site-specific recommendations to mitigate future frost events, including equipment recommendations, as required.
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    Vineyard bougies

    frost protection products

    Vinescapes sell a full range of frost protection equipment and sensors for vineyards, including:
  • Thermovine – Exclusive hydronic frost protection
  • Mobile Frost Fans
  • Vineyard Sensor Monitoring and alerts
  • Frost Candles
  • Polymer Spray

    Dr Alistair Nesbitt and Professor Steve Dorling contributed to an article on frost ‘Giving frost the cold shoulder’ published in Vineyard magazine, January 2021.
  • Weather monitor precision viticulture

    Vineyard monitoring and frost alerts

    Our world-class vineyard monitoring and vineyard advisory services include temperature sensors and management software which can be set up to send you alerts whenever there is a frost risk.

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