Ground to Grape to Glass


When you engage our Consultant Winemaker services, you’ll work with skilled professionals who can provide complete Ground to Grape to Glass expertise to your winery team. Whether you’re after advice in a particular area, or if there’s a specific issue that needs addressing or even if you’d like us to work as the winery’s sole winemaker, we have the experience and knowledge to help.

It doesn’t matter what size you are or what stage you are at, we work with established wineries, maximizing their business and resources and helping those new to the field with everything they need to get going. From winemaking knowledge to vineyard connections to logistics to marketing, whatever you bring us in for, we bring a real sense of collaboration and partnership with us.

Our winemaking services include:

  • Wine production business consultancy: defining wine style and winemaking strategy
  • Wine production planning: support with strategic and operational planning and decision-making
  • Advice on sourcing winery equipment, utility requirements and other winery infrastructure
  • Training staff in sensory evaluation and blending
  • Visiting vineyards and grape suppliers to ensure optimum picking conditions for your harvest
  • Winemaking consultancy, from troubleshooting oenological challenges to directing the production process.

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