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UK Grape Growing Business: Key things to consider before embarking on your journey.

Grape growing and wine production in the UK is booming and as the fastest growing agricultural sector many are keen to invest. With years of experience supporting clients from their initial idea through to complete vineyard installation and winery build here we set out the key things to consider before embarking on your journey.

What sort of grape growing or wine business will you have?  

As with any growing sector there are many ways to enter the market from selling grapes to an established winery to a complete wine production business with a tourist attraction.  Each different English wine businesses risks, rewards and requirements should be considered to ensure a match to your needs.

We recommend creating a detailed business plan which will clearly define your offering and help answer those all important questions; how, where and when will you sell your wine, how will you finance your dream and for many how will you optimize your return on investment.

Remember – Even a non-commercial/’hobby’ vineyard will produce thousands of bottles of wine once at full production and knowing what you will do with them is key!

Do you have the right land?

If you own land, is it suitable for a vineyard? See our article from last month for further support and information about site selection. If you are searching for land, make sure you understand the vineyard parameters to look for – e.g. elevation; aspect; soil. Does the land also offer the other requirements you will need for your wine business e.g. space for a winery, tourist offering, storage buildings and will planning permission be required.

There are also specialists in this area and we can help by putting you in touch.

How will you create your vineyard and wine business?

The key steps to establishing a grape growing and wine production business are:

  1. Wine style planning and vineyard design;
  2. Vineyard installation and project management;
  3. Vineyard management, labour provision and equipment, once planted
  4. Winery design, planning and build, as required.
  5. Business Management and resourcing

All of these steps require significant skill and experience to ensure maximum potential for your investment and we would advise finding a UK expert that can work with you in partnership to deliver your unique requirements.

We’re here to help

At Vinescapes we can fully support with your journey into English wine. Starting with site selection where Dr Alistair Nesbitt, the leading UK Viticulture climatologist, can determine the potential for your site, through to full project management for the vineyard and winery.

If you would like to have an initial discussion with us about your ideas and plans please call and one of our experts will be happy to have a chat with you to see how we can help 01306733960 or email

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