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Natural passivation creates the CorTen Sikaprofili trellis posts

Vinescapes Ltd, based in Dorking, Surrey, are now the UK distributor of Italian made Sikaprofili trellis posts. These include the unique CorTen post, which have a naturally ‘rusted’ look.

The patented name is a joining of corrosion resistance (COR), and tensile strength (TEN). This naturally ‘weathering is both for protection and aesthetics.

The metal undergoes natural passivation by atmospheric agents creating an outer layer of shield material, which makes the post turn rust-coloured – providing protection without compromising resistance.

The darker coloured CorTen posts blend naturally into vineyard settings without the glare of galvanised steel, more like wooden posts, but with the longevity of steel.

CorTen post are extensively used in vineyards across Europe and suitable for machine harvesting. 

Vinescapes also supply the Sikaprofili hot-dipped galvanised posts.  

Vinescapes is now established as the leading vineyard and winery consultancy in the UK providing a comprehensive ‘Ground to Grape to Glass’ services including vineyard establishment, vineyard management, consultancy, mentoring and training. 


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