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Vinescapes are proud to launch Thermovine. A world first vineyard frost protection product.

Thermovine delivers heat direct to the bud zone in the vineyard, providing critical frost protection, right where its needed.

Early season frost risk is a significant problem for vineyards in the Northen Hemisphere and at its worst can lead to total crop loss for the affected vineyards.  Although there are many frost protection products on the market, from candles to fans and even sprinklers, none provide sustainable, fully effective protection.

Vinescapes, keen to resolve this issue, have been working tirelessly for the past 5 years, using their scientific expertise to develop Thermovine, their new frost protection product. Detailed scientific testing has been undertaken on Thermovine both in laboratories and in the vineyard, under frost conditions – with results providing significant effectiveness.

Thermovine can also be used to deliver heat into the vineyard at key development vine stages, such as flowering and fruit set, to enhance growth.

Customer testimonial:  ‘The only area of our vineyard not affected by frost were the vines protected by  Thermovine. I will be looking to extend my Thermovine system to protect my vines before the next frost season’.

If you would like more information about Thermovine please email us info@vinescapes.com or call 07967602670.

Thermovine – Trademark pending.

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