Creating wineries
& Making wine

Exceptional winery design is critical to
high quality wine production and is a reflection of your brand


Winery Design

Winery Scoping

Vinescapes has significant expertise working from conception to planning to delivery of stunning wineries to suit different budgets. We specialisein scoping functional winery requirements, space allocations and utility needs. We provide the technical specification for production logistics, equipment, storage and tasting rooms to ensure design matches functionality.

architecture & design

We work with our partner architects Design Cubed and our own in-house team to design and deliver modern, efficient and sustainable wineries. We work with planning authorities, and project manage all aspects of winery design and builds.

understanding winemaking

Our extensive understanding of wine production technology and processes enables us to deliver exceptional and cost-effective wineries. We also recommend and supply winery equipment, advise on wastewater treatment and energy efficiency.

Why winery design matters

A winery can be so much more than an industrial production centre – it’s part of your brand and it can be as sophisticated as your wine.
Dr Alistair Nesbitt Vinescapes consultancy
Sparkling wine in vineyard

Winemaking Consultancy

Our clients benefit from a complete Ground to Grape to Glass provision with top quality consultancy including:

  • Wine production business consultancy: defining wine style and winemaking strategy
  • Wine production planning: support with strategic and operational planning and decision making
  • Advice on winery equipment, utility requirements and other winery infrastructure
  • Winemaking consultancy; from trouble shooting oenological challenges to directing production process.
  • Winery internal
    Winery External
    Recent Winery Design and Build

    Recent winery design and build projects

    Our successful partnerships can provide you with all the expertise you need from scoping winery needs, wine storage and winery equipment requirements, budget calculations, project feasibility briefs, concept designs, spatial coordination, procurement, construction, planning consultancy, pre-planning and full planning applications.

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