The global experts in vineyard land and climate assessments


The best wines are those with provenance, starting out from special places where eco-systems, soils, topography, climate and people combine to nurture the vines – the terroir. We are global experts in vineyard land assessments, finding those special places, and managing climate risks.

For vineyard establishment ventures our work begins by undertaking a detailed land and climate assessment. We use our state-of-the-art scientific mapping tool, VineMAP, as well as an expert ‘boots on the ground’ evaluation of all the essential factors for viticulture. Complemented with rootstock, clone and varietal knowledge, viticulture expertise, and market understanding, our assessments provide objective conclusions and risk mitigation strategies to drive investment confidence.

Whatever your vineyard and wine venture is, we will assign you an experienced Project Manager at the start of your project, someone who will provide continuing support as we help realise your objectives.


VineMAP (Vineyard suitability Mapping & Assessment Program) is a state-of-the-art, automated and objective land assessment tool used for assessing the grapevine growing potential of land. It can be run in minutes and is supported by peer-reviewed science published in the Journal of Land Use Science.

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The Vinescapes team is highly experienced and skilled in managing vintage variability. However, our uniqueness is that we are also the leading global experts in modelling and managing climate change and variability in the wine production sector.

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