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Vineyard soil training
Vineyard consultancy Dr Alistair Nesbitt

Vinepro advisory

Managing a vineyard is a significant and skilled undertaking requiring experience and training to mitigate risks, navigate challenges and maximise potential.

As alternative to classroom based courses, VinePRO is bespoke mentoring and training service tailored to clients individual needs and delivered in their own vineyard - providing the skills needed.


VinePRO subscription:

  • Site meeting to assess support needs and create a tailored plan
  • 12 customer visits a year by our experts. Topics can include, but are not limited to:
  • Soil and vineyard floor management
  • Biodiversity enhancement
  • Vine training techniques
  • Tasks and activities including pruning
  • Vine canopy management
  • Vine pathology
  • Vine nutrition
  • Grape pest & disease management
  • Weather risk monitoring & management
  • Harvesting and post-harvest processing
  • Equipment recommendations and training
  • Record keeping
  • Helpline for technical viticulture support
  • Monthly bulletins with key seasonal considerations.
  • All benefits are subject to VinePro vineyard advisory service terms and conditions.


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