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Do you need support, advice or viticulture training in your vineyard? Perhaps you are just starting out, don’t have time for college based courses, have specific vineyard consultancy needs, want training on the job or re-assurance that your vineyard is being managed in the best way possible, or you would value tailored world class viticulture expertise delivered to you in your own vineyard? If so, VinePro is here to help.

Becoming a VinePro subscriber gives you access to a unique vineyard advisory service which provides you with tailored support, guidance, training and technical knowledge from world class experts in all elements of viticulture and vineyard management. You can enjoy regular visits from our technical team, time working/training with them in your vineyard(s), remote access to them, follow up advice and reports, and the latest viticulture information.

Managing a vineyard is a significant and skilled undertaking requiring experience and training to mitigate risks, navigate challenges and maximise potential. VinePro delivers the training and support direct to you and for you.

If you are considering subscribing, take a look at what we offer (restrictions on usage may apply):

VinePro subscription benefits:

  • INITIAL SITE MEETING TO ASSESS YOUR VINEYARD OR LAND AND ON-GOING SUPPORT NEEDS: Our viticultural expert(s) will meet with yourself and team to fully understand your needs and create a tailored plan for the next 12 months.
  • 12 ON SITE CUSTOMER VISITS PER ANNUM BY OUR VITICULTURAL EXPERTS: Our viticultural experts have years of experience and will spend 12 days or 24 half days with you/your team per annum providing in-depth training and support. Subject matter can include, but is not limited to:
    • Soil, vineyard floor and ground cover management
    • Biodiversity enhancement
    • Vine training techniques and activities including pruning
    • Vine canopy management
    • Vine pathology
    • Vine nutrition
    • Grape pest and disease scouting and management
    • Weather risk monitoring and management
    • Harvesting and post-harvest processing
    • Vineyard equipment recommendations and training
    • Record keeping
  • VITICULTURE HELPLINE: All subscribers have access to our viticulture advice helpline for technical viticulture support.
  • MONTHLY REPORTING: Following each visit our viticultural expert(s) will provide a detailed report of the training and advice provided, recommendations and best practice improvement suggestions.
  • MONTHLY TRAINING & INDUSTRY BULLETINS: Each month subscribers will receive a bulletin setting out key vineyard considerations for the coming month(s) and viticulture updates.

SUBSCRIPTION PRICING:  Monthly cost £480, with an annual contract. For vineyard located >30 miles from Dorking, Surrey, consultants travel will be charged at £0.45 / mile.

SUBSCRIPTION: If you would like to have access to the above benefits and services, then please subscribe today. Email us at: or call us on: 07967602670.

All benefits are subject to VinePro vineyard advisory service terms and conditions.

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