VineSense – Vineyard monitoring and reporting service

Understanding climate is vital in viticulture. Climate data is often measured but rarely fully understood. We provide cutting edge climate sensors and help you to interpret your data, making it an asset which delivers insight and guidance on managing your vineyard in response to climate variation.

We are globally recognized experts in the field of vineyard climate management and have a team of world-renowned viticulturalists on hand to provide you with the information and guidance needed to plan your season and maximise yield and fruit quality.

VinePro benefits:

Climate sensors.

  • Free consultation and recommendations on sensor types and positioning.
  • Supply and install of the latest in vineyard climate sensors tailored to your requirements.
  • Supply and install of network management nodes.
  • Access to real-time climate data dashboards

Year-round monitoring of climate at each sensor including 4 growing season reports

  • May – Analysis of conditions during dormancy, frost period & budburst.
  • July – Analysis of conditions during flowering and fruit set.
  • September – Analysis of conditions during berry ripening and version
  • November – Full season review.

Example Report HERE

Reports will contain advice and recommendations for:

  • Frost protection
  • Timings of vineyard practices, such as
    • Canopy management, Leaf stripping, Green harvesting, Pruning, Vine Trimming.
  • Disease management
  • Annual reviews and seasonal comparisons
  • Calculation and tracking of GDD (growing degree days) and GST (Growing season average temperatures)
  • Predictions of key development dates, including budburst, flowering and harvest.

Vineyard observations template.

  • Used for recording key vineyard and harvest data (to be filled in by your team)


SUBSCRIPTION PRICING:  Reporting packages start at £1, 740 per annum

SENSOR PRICING: We offer a range of sensor options tailored specifically to the needs of your vineyard. Contact us now for a free consultation and a quote.

SUBSCRIPTION: If you would like to have access to the above benefits and services, then please subscribe today. Email us at: or call us on: 07967602670.

All benefits are subject to VinePro vineyard advisory service terms and conditions.

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