vinescapes graduate programme

Vineyard soil training

Vinescapes Graduate Programme

Our two year programme is more than a training scheme. It offers a fantastic opportunity to work on a range of vineyard and wine projects with some of the world’s top viticulturists, winemakers and production businesses. Our programme is unique and the first in the world for viticulture & oenology.  It educates, builds professional confidence and expertise for a career in the fast-growing UK wine production sector and internationally.

How to apply: Download our brochure for all details.

Sarah Stott Graduate Trainee

Sarah’s blog #1

Greetings, wine lovers! Welcome to my first Vinescapes blog post! My name is Sarah Stott and I am thrilled to share my passion for vines and wines with you. As

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Sarah’s blog #2 Planting!

Welcome back to my blog!  I want to share with you my experiences and insights as I dive into the exciting world of planting vineyards for our new and existing

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