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My family own a small farm in Surrey and we are currently in the process of developing a vineyard business.


We planted our first field in May 2020 but the work began almost a year earlier. We decided to get ourselves professional advice and guidance from the beginning and attended a Viticulture Event at Plumpton College. It was here that we met up with a business called Vinescapes which is run by Dr Alistair Nesbitt.

Advice and vineyard establishment

Very shortly after we asked for someone to visit our farm, Alistair came out to see us. He had already done some preliminary work to establish if our land was suitable for growing grapes. Alistairs main priority was to ensure that we had the right location and we soon learnt that planting a vineyard would be an expensive exercise, so you don’t want to plant in the wrong location. i.e. the fields need to face the right direction, on a slope preferably and have some degree of protection from the weather. Alistair identified the right fields and rejected others. I am almost certain that some viticulturists would have suggested I plant all my fields, but not Alistair, as only those that were suitable were recommended. This is Alistair and Vinescapes main attribute in my opinion, honesty, as well as the vast knowledge of viticulture.

Training, support and …the following years establishment
We are now preparing next years fields for planting, having successfully planted our first field of Pinot Noir. Alistair has introduced me to his colleague Francis, who again is very experienced, having helped run a very successful vineyard in Sussex. She guides us through the months with what work is required and is always on hand to give advice.

Vinescapes – The perfect partners for our vineyard business

Vinescapes have been the perfect partner for us in our new adventure, guiding us through the work, recommending suppliers and workman/machinery. We are always able to get hold of them and nothing is too much trouble. Alistair continues to oversee the work and comes out on site with Francis whenever necessary and behind the scenes in the office, Paula, their business manager (and everything else) is a gem.

We would well recommend Vinescapes to anyone thinking of planting vines.

Tanhurst Estate in the Surrey Hills

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