creating vineyards

Establishing, managing and supporting
your vineyard project

The Journey

Vineyard map assessment

Site evaluation

We use our state-of-the-art scientific mapping tool VineMAP developed by world renowned Viticulture Climatologist, Dr Alistair Nesbitt, our CEO, as well as very detailed ‘boots on the ground’ evaluation of all the essential factors for viticulture.

Vineyard Architecture

Our team will design and create your vineyard, with their knowledge of the most suitable vine varieties, clones, rootstocks, layout, trellis and training systems appropriate for the site, production and wine styles. All our clients are assigned a Vineyard Project Manager to support you every step of the way.

Vineyard manager

Vineyard Management

All vineyard tasks require data driven decisions to be made at key stages throughout the year. We use the latest technologies and methods, with our skills and experience to bring your vineyard to its full potential and deliver the highest quality crop.​
Outsourcing vineyard management to Vinescapes gives access to world class expertise and resources - as well as labour and financial efficiencies.

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