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We are excited to announce the launch of our practical workshop series – starting with Winter Pruning on 8thDecember at Tanhurst Estate Vineyard, in Surrey.

The workshops are designed for those new to viticulture who wish to develop practical skills and learn to do routine vineyard tasks correctly for the health and productivity of the vineyard.  The series continues with Pests & Diseases, Soil Management and Canopy Management in the spring.

Joel Jorgensen, Managing Director and Viticulturist commented: “Small group workshops are a great way to learn essential practical skills in a relaxed atmosphere.  Learning how to carry out routine vineyard tasks and operations correctly is important to ensure the health, productivity and success of the vineyard – so well worth attending!”

Dr Alistair Nesbitt, CEO commented: “Our first series of workshops are based in Surrey, but we are keen to expand both the locations and topics offered in response to demand.  We have a team of experts with international experience, so it makes sense to share our knowledge.”

Vinescapes’ comprehensive ‘Ground to Grape to Glass’ services includes site evaluation, vineyard establishment and management, as well as consultancy, mentoring and training.  Vinescapes have responded to popular demand to provide workshops – specially designed for those new to viticulture, who are seeking to develop practical skills taught in small groups.

The workshops, along with Vinescapes’ online and VinePRO bespoke training can be booked via our website

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