Consultancy and training

As every season is different and presents its own challenges.

Viticulture consultancy


Vinescapes has a team of world-class experts that offer a flexible approach to consultancy, mentoring and training to support both prospective and experienced grape growers and wine producers.

Whether it's client specific support with viticulture challenges, winemaking or business strategy, or consulting for regional or national bodies, we are able to provide professional advice.

Vineyard technical support
Soil health vineyard soil

vineyard technical support

Effective consultancy on either an ad-hoc, trouble shooting or annual retainer:
  • Optimising yields
  • Independant yield estimates
  • Soil health assessment and corrections
  • Vineyard regeneration
  • Vineyard health audit
  • Canopy management techniques
  • Frost and other risks mitigation
  • Cover crops and re-wilding
  • Sustainable solutions
  • Machinery guidance
  • Vineyard staff training
  • Pruning charge counts, bud dissections, vigour analysis
  • Emma Rice Consultant Winemaker

    Winemaking consultancy

    Vinescapes complete Ground to Grape to Glass provision provides top quality consultancy, including:
  • Wine production business consultancy: defining wine style and winemaking strategy
  • Wine production planning: support with strategic and operational planning and decision making
  • Advice on winery equipment, utility requirements and other winery infrastructure
  • Winemaking consultancy; from trouble shooting oenological challenges to directing production process.
  • Our Consultant Winemaker, Emma Rice, has a passion for excellence and advises clients on wine styles and strategy, production planning and equipment sourcing, winery design and provides winemaking consultancy

    Frost damaged vine

    Frost Risk audit

    Late spring frosts are potentially devastating for yields and finances. Vineyards need tailored solutions as there is no ‘one size' fits all so a Vinescapes frost risk assessment will provide site-specific recommendations.

    Vineyard VinePRO training secateurs

    VinePro advisory service

    As an alternative to classroom based courses, VinePRO is a bespoke mentoring and training service tailored to clients individual needed - delivered in their own vineyards by experts in all element of viticulture and vineyard management.

    If you would like to find out more about VinePRO or online training, please call us on 1306 733960 or use our contact form.

    Vinescapes online training

    Online Training Portal

    Our online courses are written by leading experts for all levels –those new to viticulture, wine production, or for professional development.

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