Scientific paper sparks 400% growth of the vineyard area East Anglia

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The vineyard area in East Anglia vineyard has increased by just over 400% in four years- triggered by the scientific paper ‘A Suitability Model for Viticulture in England and Wales’.

This scientific paper, published in the Land Use Journal, was the most downloaded paper in 2021 – showing the increasing interest in viticulture in the UK.  Researchers, led by Dr Alistair Nesbitt, Viticulture Climatologist and CEO Vinescapes, identified 35,000 ha of prime viticulture land for new and expanding vineyards in the UK – the size of the Champagne region. 

The paper also revealed, amongst other details, that East Anglia has some of the warmest growing season average temperatures in the UK and would likely be the next major area to be planted – and the latest data shows this estimation is spot-on – as since the paper’s publication in 2018, the East Anglia region has seen just over 400% growth, from just under 100ha to over 400ha, according to figures from Wine Standards.

Outputs from this research are now available as a service from Vinescapes. To find out more contact

‘A Suitability model for viticulture in England and Wales: Opportunities for investment, sector growth and increased climate resilience’ is published in the Journal of Land Use Science on Friday, November 9, 2018.  The paper is available from the following link:

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